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how it works

QODWA, CFA Society Bahrain's Mentorship Program is designed to pair members and candidates who are best suited to realize their full potential together while ensuring the success of each individual as they achieve their academic and professional goals.

Who Can Apply?

CFA Society Bahrain Members are eligible to apply as Mentors and Candidates as Mentees. Applicants must be willing to make a commitment to the program and to accept the challenges and responsibilities that accompany the opportunity.  

Program Structure

  • The program typically lasts for 6-9 months

  • During the program, it is expected that the mentor and mentee have a minimum of 4 meetings with the rest of the modes of communication being their other alternatives. The details of the meetings and calls are up to the pairs' discretion, within the set framework.

  • Training sessions are made exclusively for the mentors will be held virtually on a biweekly basis during the program


Apply either as a mentor or mentee. Registration opens at year-end.

Registration is currently, however, you can submit your profile to consider you for the next intake! 


After indicating your areas of interest and goals, we will conduct an interview with you to discover the best mentor-mentee match.

The pairs are based on suitability, career stage, goals, and role type



A formal orientation of the program is conducted along with a timetable and a framework for regular contact throughout the program.

Meetings are decided based on the pairs' discretion, with no direct involvement from the team of Qodwa.


closing ceremony

All participants will be invited to the closing event to review their experience and celebrate together.

Our most fulfilled "Qodwa's Success Partners", the top 2 pairs will be recognized and awarded


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